May 17

What Type of Windows Are Right for My Property?

Replacing your home’s windows is one of life’s bigger decisions so of course you want to make sure you make the right choice. So in this article we’ll share with the kinds of windows available to help you with your window replacement project.


Open-out Casement Windows are a traditional British option and available in a variety of formats. Large casements tend to be the cheapest and costs tend to be lower because they are made in modular, standard sizes. They are great for ventilating rooms, but as they can open wide, this might cause concern for those with small children or animals

They’re the most versatile replacement window, available in a wide range of styles, colours and as such can be designed perfectly to suit most standard homes. Replacement casement windows are available in uPVC, timber or aluminium, with the option of triple glazing on uPVC.

this article will help you decide and then of course colour.

In the early days of PVC-U windows, white was the only option, but now there’s a whole palette of colours available, so you can choose a colour that truly complements your home and building materials. You can choose to blend with the environment or to make a bold statement. You can pick from realistic and beautiful wood effects or strong solid colours such as primaries or smart greys. You can even opt for cream or white frames with a painted wood appearance.

All the finishes are achieved by permanently bonding foils to the PVC-U. They won’t fade, peel or split and will never need painting to maintain their stunning looks. There’s no need to have the same colours indoors and out. You can have white indoors, coloured outdoors, or vice versa. You can have two different colours, or two different woodgrain
effects. It’s about making the choice that suits your home, your décor and your taste.


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