Wall coatings

Wall coatings

Wall insulation & protection for your home by Roofriendly


Friendlytherm by Roofriendly is an energy saving, water repellent wall coating for brick and masonry that has already given many Lincolnshire properties a stunning new look.

Chemically bonded to the substrate up to 17mm, Friendlytherm wall coating by Roofriendly is highly resistant to UV rays and the unpredictable nature of the Lincolnshire weather.

Once applied, Friendlyflex wall coating by Roofriendly repels rain, hail, sleet and snow- along with micro-organisms that pose a long-term threat to the integrity of the walls of your Lincolnshire home.

The thermal efficiency of your walls is dramatically boosted with Friendlyflex wall coating. This innovative product from Roofriendly offers energy savings in the region of 30%– with even more substantial savings for Lincolnshire homeowners with porous brickwork.

Friendlytherm wall coating by Roofriendly allows the walls of your Lincolnshire property to stay looking good for years to come. Even in the most inclement of weather conditions, dirt will struggle to adhere to this innovative wall coating. Any particles remaining will be washed away by rain, or gentle manual cleaning.

The protected surface repels water and micro-organisms. Dirt finds it difficult to adhere to the protective wall coating, with any particles simply washed away by the rain or just by mild cleaning. The building remains permeable to water vapour.

  • Maintains the thermal properties of cavity wall insulation
  • Reduces heat loss through walls
  • Alternative to cavity wall insulation for solid wall properties
  • Self cleaning coating
  • Protection against penetrating damp
  • Highly cost efficient- effective for over 20 years
Only 5% vat payable – Roofriendly’s wall coatings are recognised by HMRC as an Energy Saving Measure (ESM)*
*Must be installed by an approved company such as Roofriendly


Tried & tested quality waterproofing for any type of wall, Friendlyflex by Roofriendly is a waterproof, self cleaning wall coating.

With its high elasticity, Friendlyflex by Roofriendly bridges cracks and offers total waterproofing for all masonry, with its microporous composition ensuring your building can breathe.

Friendlyflex wall coating by Roofriendly will give the walls of your Lincolnshire home optimised protection from aging, weather damage and penetrating damp.

With a range of stunning traditional and contemporary colours available, Friendlyflex by Roofriendly offers a stylish makeover for any Lincolnshire property, blending elegance with structural protection.

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For more information regarding our Friendlytherm & Friendlyflex wall coatings, available in Lincoln & around Lincolnshire, please call Roofriendly on 01522 701 150.

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  • 100% waterproof

    Wall coatings by Roofriendly will keep your Lincolnshire home completely dry.

  • Permeable to water vapour

    Roofriendly’s innovative wall coatings allow your walls to remain able to breathe.

  • Protects reinforced concrete

    against carbonation, penetration of chlorides, corrosion and damaging salts.

  • 400% Elastic

    The elasticity of Roofriendly wall coatings protects your building optimally in all weathers and prevents tears, flaking and blistering

  • Resistant to contamination

    and ageing in all weather conditions and climates.

  • Improves thermal resistance

    of brickwork and masonry by keeping it entirely dry.

  • Colourfast

    The advanced formula of Roofriendly’s wall coatings means that even deep and dark colours are not diminished by UV rays.

  • Crack Bridging

    Drastically improves the look of your Lincolnshire home’s walls.

  • Water Based

    Environmentally friendly, compared to solvent based coatings.

Pay Later Or Interest FREE!

We have negotiated the best funding rates available so you can create that dream home now not later.

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